• FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE! True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earpods Pro offer the LATEST Bluetooth 5.0 technology, fast speed and stable CONNECTIVITY, SMART-TOUCH features, and LOW ENERGY consumption to get LONG PLAY TIME with a HIGH QUALITY performance both in ONE-STEP Bluetooth connection and HIFI SOUND..
  • NEW FEATURE-LED VISUAL DISPLAY: 1) The LED DISPLAY displays DIGITAL CHARGE AMT (up to 100). The LED DISPLAY BLINKS when in CHARGING MODE.  2) The LED DISPLAY also includes a GREEN EARBUD INDICATOR for EACH EARPOD to BLINK when EARBUD(S) SENSORED to indicate the earbuds are being CHARGED within CHARGING CASE. NOTE: Once the case is charged, the earbuds can be placed back in the case to be charged directly from the case (GREEN EARBUD INDICATOR(S) BLINK).
  • RECONNECTING TIPS:  1) Turn your Bluetooth Off and then back ON. 2) Place BOTH earphones in case and press PAIRING BUTTON on the back of the case for approximately 3-5 seconds. 3) Place earphones back in your ear- AUTO PAIRING. NOTE: If using an Android look for i58 under BLUETOOTH DISCOVERED DEVICES at the BOTTOM. TAP on i58 for one-step connection. Repeat these steps if needed. 
  • DESIGN: Your TWS earbuds are detachable and provide an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable snug fit in each ear. Included Charging Case is light weight and has a solid structure with charging port.
  • PACKAGE: Manual & Mini Charge Cord (ONLY) Included (10.5 inches; uses iPhone Charger).
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE: TWS i58 are high quality earbuds with many uses: a portable media player, phone accessory, DJ equipment, computer or laptop accessory, gaming or PC accessory, exercise/performance booster, and much more. BLUETOOTH RANGE: approximately 35 feet.

Air3 Pro Bluetooth 5.0 TWS i58 Wireless Earbuds- White

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Colour: White